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the feeling that it's all a lot of oysters but no pearls

and all at once i looked across a crowded room...

21 May
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looking for the person i used to be, discovering the person i will become, and enjoying the person i am right now.
$2 long islands, 24hour businesses, andrew w.k., anthony bourdain, appalachia in general, applesauce on toast, athens ohio, badass glutenfree baking, band trips, being 21+, being a spaz, being happy, being outside, being somewhat badass, casa nueva, changing my mind, cheap beer, cheap fruity wine, cheap underwear shopping, china blue curry, chinchillas, coffee shops, cribbage, curry in general, distressed produce, drinking black coffee, drinking pitchers of beer, drum corps, elementary school, ethnic food, exciting flavored bagels, exploring ohio, fatfree vegan cooking, flogging molly, freaks and geeks!, french only somewhat, getting up early, girl scouts, going on tour, goodness bakes, google.it, gravy!!, grocery shopping, hippies, homemade bread/sticks, hummus, ignazio silone, imagine, inventing recipes, italiano, italy, john lennon, kicking ass, kindergarten, knowing everybody, learning about life, less than jake, life(all sorts), living in the 90s, long bus rides, long talks, loving life here, loving people, making daisy chains, making my own hummus, making sourdough, making things awkward, marching band, marching contra, meeting new people, microbrews(sorry ohio), missing college band, missing oregon sometimes, music from before now, music ian makes, my cozy apartment, my imagine tattoo, napoli italy, neil young, nerf herder, not grad school, not sleeping enough, nutritional yeast, nyt crosswords, oasis, offspring(older), ohio definitely, old drum corps, oregon summers, pabst blue ribbon, people in general, perfecting my userinfo, performing music, pink floyd, potato in any form, pre-wwii italy, pretending to be grownup, punk shows, quality drinking games, rain sometimes, re-finding myself, really good bread, reel big fish, road trips, rock and roll, routines surprisingly, running in road races, salad, salsa, seattle cascades, semi-raw-foods-ism, snow sometimes, soyogurt + granola, spontaneous adventures, step aerobics, summery weather, talking really fast, tan lines, teaching, the beatles, the farmacy, the ramones, the union, toothpastefordinner, trying to learn everything, vegan-hood, voodoo doughnuts, winter too actually, wishing i was italian, writing drill